2020 AGM Update

Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association

September 25, 2020

The Executive and the Board of Directors of the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association held our September meeting on the 19th.

There was considerable discussion and dialogue as we had to decide how to handle the remaining schedule of the 2019/2020 season and try and figure out what we are going to do with 2020/2021 season.

Over the past 6 months, we have been working hard with Alberta Health Services (AHS) and other bowling associations to figure out how we can safely host and play our events.

Back in April, our Board had hopes to still hold the Open and High Low Double Provincials for our members; giving it a deadline as of December 31″ to host the event. As of right now, with the guidelines and restrictions, and the time required to prepare to host the events, we are regrettably informing all bowlers. coaches, managers. spectators. and volunteers’ we are cancelling the events. We want to sincerely thank Bonnie Boon Lanes. Toppler Bowl, and all host committees for working with us over these many months to try and host these events. Thank you for your support!

With AGLC Rules and Regulations, we still must go ahead with the Open and High Low Double Provincial Elimination Draws. If you have not handed them into your local Zone Directors, please do so!

For this upcoming season we have also implemented several changes that only apply to the 2020/2021 season.

Youth Challenge:

  • Number of contingents. With AHS restrictions, when it comes to cohorts and maximum capacity limits for centers, we felt it reasonable. for only this year, to reduce to one contingent per Zone.
  • Hotel & Transportation. While it is still to he determined, with the restrictions currently in place, we are looking into all options, but most likely hotel and transportation arrangements will be much different than previous years.
  • Banquet. There will he no banquet or dance.
  • POA competition. With fewer contingents, we will not be doing POA team awards this year. However, we will introduce a POA All Star Team instead

High Low Doubles:

  • Number of teams. We have reduced the number of teams each zone can send to Provincials from 12 to 8.
  • Provincial qualification. All teams will re-qualify for the 2020-21 Provincials.


  • Provincial qualification. All teams will re-qualify for the 2020-21 Provincials
  • Banquet. There will be no banquet or dance.

We are extremely excited to have secured an agreement with 5 Pin Universe and Live Streaming for both the Open and Youth Challenge Provincials. They offer an amazing product for those who have not been able to watch any of their live matches online or watched any of the Western Canadian Bowling Tour Events. With how restrictions could impact on-site viewing, we wanted to ensure anyone who cannot be there, be able to watch live online and not miss out.

With all our events, to ensure our members, volunteers, spectators, and centers are safe, we will be looking to obtain pre-approval from AHS. We will be closely monitoring all situations as the most important thing for us is everyone’s safety. If we can host an event safely for everyone, we will!

On behalf of the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association,

Tim Wiseman