Provincial Update – February 23, 2021

Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association

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February 22, 2021

The Executive and the Board of Directors of the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association held our February meeting on Feb 20th.

There was considerable discussion and dialogue as we had to decide how to figure out the remaining 2020/2021 season with the restructuring and cancellations of the National Events.

For the 2020/2021 season, we have made the following changes to our schedule for Provincial events:

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New Historical Photos

We have added about new 200 pictures to the website in the Wall of Fame section of the Open and Youth Challenge.

Here are some of the newest ones

Do you have pictures of a winning team from a competition found on our website?

If so compare your picture with what we have (or don’t have) and if yours is a better picture, please send them to or Tim Wiseman

When submitting a picture, please

  • Check that we don’t already have it on the site
  • Identify the event,
  • The season,
  • Members of the team shown from
    • back row to front row
    • listing bowlers from left to right
  • include coaches/manager names if you have them

Jennifer Smith – Canadian Hall of Fame Member

Distinguished Alberta bowler Jennifer Smith has been named to the 2021 Canadian Hall of Fame induction, scheduled for June 5, 2021.

Also selected were the following.

  • Builder – Ernie Roggie – Ontario
  • Player – Fraser Hambly – Ontario
  • Player – Terry Blake – Newfoundland/Labrador

Congratulations to all inductees.

Julie Kind – Lifetime Member

Julie Kind

At the recent meetings of the association Julie Kind was honoured with a Lifetime Membership.

Julie has been an Open bowler, coach, league and zone executive, provincial tournament chair and has been the A5PBA provincial secretary since 2006

Congratulations Julie.

To see Julie’s full resume as well as seeing our other life members

2020 AGM Update

Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association

September 25, 2020

The Executive and the Board of Directors of the Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association held our September meeting on the 19th.

There was considerable discussion and dialogue as we had to decide how to handle the remaining schedule of the 2019/2020 season and try and figure out what we are going to do with 2020/2021 season.

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2020 AGM Elections

At the Annual General Meeting in Red Deer on Saturday, September 19 the following people were re-elected to the board of directors.

  • First Vice President – Annette Bruneau
  • Treasurer – Don MacIver
  • Tournament Liaison – Jen Baldwin

The board thanks them both for continuing their service to the province.

Other information coming from the board meeting will be announced shortly

C5 Return to Play Protocol



National Competition Protocol


The C5PBA are not experts on pandemics and therefore all Federal, Provincial/ Territorial and local government and Public Health Authority information, guidelines and directives supersede this policy.

NOTE: Formats may be adjusted by the C5PBA Tournament Committee as required.


The following protocols have been prepared to facilitate the protection of the health and safety of players, coaches, tournament staff and spectators as well as provide a safe competition environment.

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