This page is here during development to let people know what has been changed/updated/deleted from the previous site.

Breadcrumbs It will be deleted before we go live.

The dates range in order from newest to the oldest.


May 24

  • Record scores updated per Julie’s list
  • Working on gathering pictures and converting them to framed versions after applying photoshop to enhance colour, light, etc. Thanks to Tim for all the submissions as well as several others. This is quite time consuming & cumbersome process.
  • Board should be looking at preparing to go live, as in when and do we want to protect with HTTPS rather than retaining the HTTP (unprotected security), especially if we wish to accept payments over the internet for membership and zone payments. I would recommend doing it in late July or early August as a boost to the the start of a new season if we have one.


April 24

in light of Don’s comments and Jen’s agreement

  • Regarding the “hand” when hovering over the logo it takes you to the Posts section. (Posts are the short snappers that appear when you login to the website.) It has been so since we started the project. Keep in mind you only see the posts on login and there is no return to those generally ono websites.
  • Widened the screen width for desktop computers.
  • Have found a way to increase the width of the right-hand column (search, events calendar
  • Moved Breadcrumbs to Administration (will delete in the final product.)
  • Privacy Policy moved to Administration
  • Archived Information has now been added to the right-hand column.
  • Revised Forms per Don’s suggestion – it looks much cleaner.
  • Main menu now has Calendar, Provincials and Wall of Fame as individual items
  • The two links on the menu to our FB and C5 sites should stay as they are a quick means of going to those sites from any page on our new site. The A5 logo takes you to the old site and is there for comparison purposes. It will be removed once we are all happy.
  • Toll free number moved from Fax to Phone section of the Contact Us page.
  • Tournament Officials Manual added to the C5 Publications page.
  • Added new header logo including the Association Name


April 14

Starting to add provincial results to different tournaments.

See then select “Aggregate Champions” and select the more recent years to see what summaries I’ve been able to capture so far.


January – April

References below for January to April 13th. are based on the main menu titles

  • The Breadcrumbs section is this page describing the website that will be removed when we go live.
  • Top menu includes the Facebook for AB5PBA, the old A5 site, and the Canadian site
  • I have added a privacy policy

All Pages (Right hand column)

  • The right hand column on all pages features a search box which will take you to the page that contains your search query.
  • A smaller search box can be found in the top right hand corner which displays as a looking glass
  • Searches will show the pages where the searched for item can be found.
  • After that use the standard CTRL-F command on a Personal Computer to find the phrase on that page.
Other Right hand column items
  • Below the search box there is a running list of upcoming events, meetings etc. which automatically updates as previous dates pass.
  • when you reach the bottom of a page an up arrow will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, tap that to go back to the top of the page.


  • page contains general information at the moment, and is ready for updates.


  • Page is a collection of bowling links from various sources.
  • please give me any additional ones that you can think of.
  • Also take a look and let me know if there are any 10 pin houses or 5 pin houses we shouldn’t have on there.


  • completed the champions of the various events – Now called WALL OF FAME“, found under the Bowling tab.
  • Still in need of High Low Champions list if anyone has it.
  • If anyone has the the Team Trio or UNO event provincial champions, I would appreciate that.
  • “Provincial Tournaments – This Season” i have only worked up the Youth Challenge and Interprovincial, as the other two are in limbo.
  • “Calendar of Events” is as originally submitted prior to Covid. It initially starts in the current month and can be manipulated to Day or List. You can also export the calendar to programs like Outlook.


  • worked on forms pages
  • redesigned and updated some forms
  • Contact Us updated
  • Policies, I took what i could find and included them, MOST ARE C5 POLICIES which may differ to the AB versions. If we have other specific Alberta versions or any I missed, please supply them.


  • Came up with a new header (picture at the top of each page) for the website.
  • Added zone names
  • Added recent national participants in their uniforms.


We need to consider the following,

  • Purchase of https software to make the site secure, otherwise persons with malicious intent could try to take control.
  • Addition of financial controls (software) to allow things like secure purchase of membership cards online.


You can probably stop reading here as everything below was previously reported.



  • Changed method off showing champions in the Open event in multiple formats using tabs for compaction
  • also add the ability to download an Excel file featuring the winners.



  • working to get a way to display past champions. Decided to use accordion with drop down lists by decades.


July 18

  • Took ghost pictures (shoes, etc.) and put some into the site


July 16

  • Added more menu items to accommodate champions at provincial, national and Western Canada events based on Julie’s file delivered yesterday.
  • Now have to go through all the PDF’s loaded to see which are useable as far as provincial championships are concerned. I may have better information in some case, which I will port over to this site.
  • Added Links to other bowling websites.


July 14

  • Rethought the provincial championship results section. Rather than have each year, then have the events to choose from in the next dropdown list I have arranged by event then year.
  • for example 2011 to 2020 would have required 10 dropdowns, whereas using the event first requires only 4 dropdowns then those four pages would show access to all the years.


July 11

Changed Contact Us to Administration

  • Changed Contact Us to Administration
  • Contact Us then falls under it along with
  • Policies (which need to be defined)
  • Forms
  • Meeting Dates
  • Etc.
  • Reordered the Breadcrumb list to newest to oldest.


July 9

  • In the Media Library added a plugin Enhanced Media Library PRO (licensed to me) that allows the information to be sorted into categories such as PIctures, PDF files, etc.
  • Need to remove broken links from other websites, and replace with PDF’s as other sites move information around.


July 8

  • Theme changed to GeneratePress, which is licensed to me as i use it on other sites like or  Central Alberta 5 Pin which I should wrap up in the next month or so
  • page rearrangement includes moving results into yearly locations.
  • Using more of an Alberta blue colour on the site
  • Come up with a simpler logo, recognizing our zones
  • Added a search feature (right hand column)
  • Added a new calendar (also right hand column)
  • Moved social media link FB and C5PBA to the menu that appears on each page.
  • Setup a landing page (when you open the site) which will be used for important information that can change on a regular basis. The landing page can include links to other sections of the website.
  • Fonts have changed based on the new theme.